Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I found the research for this paper exposed acts of dishonesty by bank CEO’s when the introduced the twisted the use of key words ‘a complaint’ with ‘a dispute’.

The Code/ constitution relationship seems to have been designed by the CEO's to mislead bank customers, and raise legal questions that were wicked.

Did the bank CEO’s intend to mislead customers promoting the Code after they engineered the constitution, taking away the Code monitors powers?

In the Code, was the section headed ‘resolution of disputes, monitoring and sanctions’ simply a lie as the CEO’s had already imposed the constitution?

Did CEO’s intend to take away their customers’ protection principles when they engineered the toxic Code and the CCMCA constitution rip-off?

So who is responsible?

The ABA published the Code. In 2003 its senior officers were John McFarlene, ABA Chairman (ANZ Bank CEO) and Gail Kelly, ABA Deputy Chair (St George/ Westpac CEO).

This paper refers to the conduct of all twelve banks in part 2, in the sections referring to the ‘movers and shakers’ in banking industry since 2003. FIND MORE...

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